Telephone System

As many of you will be aware, up until 2015 we had an 0844 telephone number. Many patients were unhappy with this premium rate call number and found it costly to contact the practice. We listened to our patients and when we were able to, we changed our contract and launched our new 0131 telephone number. On doing this we had to drop the amount of lines coming into the practice. The premium rate number had 8 lines in or out. The 0131 number means we have 4 lines IN and 8 lines out.

Having the twelve lines separated in to two categories enables us to make emergency calls out at peak times but reduces the amount of calls coming in at once. Before you would hear the engaged tone if you were number nine calling in. We now have a queueing system in place which allows 20 people in the queue. Anyone after this will hear the engaged tone. All admin staff help and answer calls throughout the day but particularly through the busy times of 8am and 11am. Please be patient and continue to redial. We aim to answer all calls within three rings.

Our Telephone Options Are as Follows

  • 1 for Emergencies –  Not for emergency appointments.
  • 2 for Eye/Dental related information.
  • 3 for Appointments and House Visits. House Visits should be requested before 10am if possible.
  • 4 for Test Results – only given out by telephone between 13:00-15:00.
  • 5 for Health Visitor/District Nurses information.
  • 6 for Midwives details.
  • 7 for General Queries.
  • 0 to hear all options again.

Please note that all calls made from Springwell Medical Centre are from 0131 347 1860. If you are waiting on a telephone call back from the GP please bear this in mind. Please also note that due to NHS Lothian IT and Security Policy we are no longer allowed to fax patient information from the practice.