DNA Policy

A DNA (Did Not Attend) is when a patient does not attend a booked appointment with any member of the team and does not contact the surgery in advance to cancel or change the appointment. There is huge pressure throughout the NHS on appointment availability. By increasing awareness of this problem and enforcing our policy robustly we would like to reduce the number of DNAs in order to free up appointments for those who need them. The effects of DNAs are:

  • Increased waiting time for appointments
  • Increased pressure on staff who are unable to offer prompt appointments
  • Potentially a health risk to patients

Remember your DNA could be another patient’s appointment – please be considerate and let us know if you cannot attend! If a patient misses an appointment they will not be issued another appointment that day unless there is a clinical reason to see the patient quickly.

We require you to inform the practice of a cancellation at least 2 hours prior to the appointment. If you do not give us 2 hours notice of a cancellation this will be classed as a DNA. If a patient is a frequent non attender then the practice will have no option but to issue a warning letter. If this continues, the practice may discuss removing you from the practice list. We appreciate that on occasions there are special circumstances which may result in a DNA – e.g. Dementia / Hospital admission etc and if you inform reception that this applies to you we will take this into consideration. If you feel that a DNA letter has been sent in error, contact the reception staff to discuss this further.