New Patients

Due to the ever increasing demand in the area for GP services, we requested approval from NHS Lothian to reduce our boundary.  This request has been approved with immediate effect:

“From Morrison Street, along Lothian Road, Earl Grey Street, Home Street, Leven Street, Bruntsfield Place, Morningside Road, Colinton Road, Craiglockhart Avenue, Slateford Road, Hutchison Terrace, Chesser Avenue, Gorgie Road, Balgreen Road, Edinburgh- Glasgow railway line to Russell Road, Russell Road, Roseburn Terrace, West Coates, Haymarket Terrace and Morrison Street.”

Please click here to view the boundary map.

This change does not affect patients who are already registered with the practice but we will not be able to accept any patients on who perhaps move into the same household as someone now residing out with our new boundary.

The practice does not discriminate on the grounds of: sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, marital status, age, gender, social class, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.

Due to high demand we can only accept 10 new patients per week. We also only accept patients who are new to the area and not registered with a GP. However, if you have moved address and are no longer in your current practice boundary we can register you here.

We ask patients to download and complete registration forms prior to coming to register and submit them to us in person – a friend or relative can do this on your behalf. We do not accept these by post or e-mail due to checks which will be done and the restriction on numbers. 

New patients are accepted on Wednesdays from 12pm-2pm and are strictly on a first come first served basis. Due to the high demand, places are normally allocated very quickly so it is advised to arrive as close to 12pm as possible. We can not deal with registrations before 12pm and ask people to refrain from coming to the practice earlier. Anybody who does arrive early will not be dealt with until the allocated time slot and you will not necessarily be dealt with first.

Please bear in mind that registration time is busy so please be patient, staff will be working through the requests as quickly and safely as possible. Each applicant must fill in a GPR and a Medical Questionnaire – links to these forms are below. If you would like to sign up for our Patient Online Services please fill in this form also. For more information on Patient Online Services please see the tab on the left hand side.

Once we receive your completed application we will have you on our system in a minimum of two working days. Please note you will be unable to make any appointment until your application has been fully processed. If there are any problems with your application we will contact you on the telephone number provided.

Please note that new babies and immediate family members do not count as part of the normal registration process and can be dealt with any day between 09.00-17.30 and are not counted as part of the 10.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Update 02/12/2020 –  Due to high demand and patient safety issues, some GP practices in Edinburgh have had approval from Lothian Health Board to restrict their practice list. No GP practice has had authorisation to close their list entirely to new patients. All practices have different boundary lines and procedures to register so please check each individual practice.

Registration Forms

1. GPR  

2. Medical Questionnaire

3. Patient Online Services

Temporary Residents

 If you are staying in our area for less than three months and are acutely unwell we may be able to see you as a Temporary Patient if you are residing in another part of the UK. Please see our Temporary registration form below. We only register people temporarily IF you need to be seen. If you have a GP surgery in Edinburgh but are staying temporarily in our area then we would expect you to attend the surgery you are registered with. Similarly if you have ran out of repeat medication then you should also contact your own surgery regardless of where it is in the UK. GP surgeries can pass information to our local pharmacy so you can receive the medication you need.

If you are seen as a Temporary Patient and not resident in the UK and are referred to the hospital by the GP, the hospital may charge you for the treatment or procedure carried out.